Are you purchasing or selling a business? At Charts Partners we assist you to make your business more attractive to potential buyers. We focus on making sure all of your accounts are in order and that you have the correct systems and processes in place to make the transition as easy as possible. At Charts Partners it our mission to ensure that all of your team are proficient in the procedures put in place to ensure your business is easy to buy.

Want to know the value of your business or a business you intend to purchase? There are several ways to value a business and we look at the many factors that may be used to determine value.

Do the numbers add up?

When purchasing a business how do you know what they are telling you is true and what is it they are not telling you? At Charts Partners we help you to figure out if all the numbers are adding up. Is the information you are being provided adequate and sufficient enough to support the price being asked?

At Charts Partners we understand the importance of looking into the intrinsic value of a business. For example, a business where a person is selling fish from a van would be valued differently from a wholesale fish business even if their profit margins were the same. The wholesaler would have more systems and a process involved and is reliant on clients and staff, whereas the business owner selling fish from his van is reliant on himself alone. The wholesaler business has more substance.

We help you by determining if financial claims can be substantiated. We also look for any hidden issues they haven't told you about and provide advice on how best to minimise exposure to any potential risk.

What is it you are buying or selling? Is it a business or a company and what's the difference?

We can advise on the most advantageous business structure for your new business.  We also help you with your exit strategy and can advise on how to reduce any tax consequences on the sale of your business or company.

There are 7 steps that we use to ensure you receive the best possible results:

  1. Establish what is being valued – business, shares, intellectual property
  2. Review past performance and projected future performance
  3. Review status of business, industry, capital requirements etc.
  4. Analyse and normalise financial results
  5. Review risk and return and evaluate appropriate valuation method
  6. Perform valuation calculations
  7. Prepare a valuation report for client

Want to know the value of your business or a business you intend to purchase? Call Lynda or Krishna on 07 3229 7388.