Do you need funds to grow your business or to take advantage of an investment opportunity?

At Charts Partners our funding and debt management strategies vary depending on the type of industry we are working with and more importantly the time period they are working to. An earth-moving contractor who requires plant materials is likely to be on a lease or hire purchase agreement where they purchase goods through instalment payments, they don't own the goods until the final instalment has been paid. On the other hand, a property developer would be on a standard loan agreement that could vary depending on the number of pre-sales of units or lots of the development.

Charts Partners can assist with:

  • Determining the right mix of debt and equity funding.
  • Developing and implementing debt reduction strategies.
  • Structuring the debt in a tax-effective manner.
  • Helping to prepare information memorandum for private investor capital and assisting you with ASIC requirements on equity funding.

At Charts Partners we provide comprehensive advice on working capital that may be affecting your business' profitability. Charts Partners has assisted clients to take their businesses from start up to listing on the ASX.

Getting your capital and debt equity balance right is crucial to maximising your business's profit.  Contact the team at Charts to get the right strategy for you.