You have undertaken a "Retirement Health Check" and have now reached retirement. Through your hard work and diligence, you know that financially you can have the lifestyle in retirement you want.

Your thoughts now turn to your legacy and your estate planning. How best do I establish my will to ensure that my spouse and family are well catered for should I die? Do I have a particular charity or other legacy that I would like to include in my will? Should I use a testamentary trust? What about a mutual will? What will happen to my superannuation? How does capital gains tax work on my death for my shares and investments? What about that family heirloom that my sister always wanted?

These are just some of the questions that a properly prepared estate plan will cover. At Charts Partners we have an estate planning process, which covers all these areas and more (e.g. powers of attorney, letter of wishes, health directives etc.). The resulting plan is then used to prepare advice for your solicitor on the requirements for your will and, in conjunction with the preparation of the will and other documents, enables your estate affairs to be adequately addressed and ensure your wishes are appropriately documented.

Our estate planning process is very detailed and provides for specific estate planning opportunities.

  1. Establish which legally binding documents are currently in place ie Wills, Power of attorney, Enduring power of attorney, superannuation nominations – binding or non-binding etc
  2. Understand client's family circumstances and wishes in relation to their legacy and Estate on death
  3. Review and analyse client's existing group structure, legal ownership of assets and liabilities, current wills together with family circumstances and current wishes
  4. Develop an estate plan to ensure that our client's intentions and wishes are correctly and adequately documented, and that all necessary issues and concerns have been appropriately addressed.
  5. Work with our client and their legal advisor to ensure that their estate plan is implemented in line with their wishes and intentions on their demise.

Make sure you and your family are taken care of. Contact the team at Charts to make sure you have the right plans in place.