Superannuation is often not seriously considered until we start thinking about retirement. Due to the restrictions surrounding superannuation many take a "set and forget" approach because they know they cannot access superannuation funds until much later in life. Unfortunately by the time they start seriously thinking about it, they find it is not going to support them adequately in retirement.

At Charts Partners we encourage you to view your superannuation as an important asset that needs to be monitored and reviewed as you would any other investment.

Whether your superannuation is held within an industry superannuation fund or an Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), the focus is the same.

We can help you to monitor the performance of your superannuation account. We help in relation to the administrative requirements of your SMSF including monitoring of compliance with Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act legislation, preparation of financial statements, fund returns and the necessary audit of your funds.

To get your super working better for you contact the team at Charts.