The secret is having a professional manage the process so that the interruption and impact to your business is minimal.

At Charts Partners, we have a process to manage ATO reviews/audits that involves:

  • Determining what triggered the review/audit.
  • Determining the type and extent of the review/audit.
  • In light of these determinations, developing an audit strategy including whether a voluntary disclosure should be made.
  • Reviewing the records to support a response to the ATO.
  • Preparing and examining the most appropriate response to the ATO queries.
  • If an interview is to be held, preparing for the interview.
  • Controlling the conduct of the interview.
  • Controlling the flow of information to the ATO.
  • Preparing the response to an ATO position paper.

If an amended assessment issues, it is then necessary to implement a dispute resolution process.

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