Our promise is to bring an expert team to your table collaborating with you to build the innovative strategies that deliver the tangible business or financial outcomes for your business.

Since 1981 Charts Partners has been offering superior professionalism to both small and large businesses providing a team approach to all clients. This means that you have more than one person working with you and an entire team you can call on whenever you need.

At a minimum, one director and one manager are equally briefed and aware of your circumstances, present position and plans at all times. Whenever you phone, if the intended receiver is unavailable, the other person within our office, conversant with your affairs, will be able to assist. Apart from our annual one week Christmas break, generally the two people are not on holidays at the same time and should they both be unavailable when you phone, either one will return your call.

We provide advice regarding the accumulation and protection of wealth, not merely the preparation of annual accounts and tax returns. We believe that through focusing your efforts into what you do best and providing proactive advice when we see the opportunity, we provide you with a greater degree of wealth accumulation possibilities, rather than mere provision of accounts and tax returns.

We actively encourage you to maintain your own accounting records, as we believe it is in your long term interest to engage us to provide advice rather than the detailed processing of transactions. As a result we are able to maintain a larger number of high qualified staff than otherwise and thus provide a superior service by dealing with clients who maintain their own basic records.

As Chartered Accountants, we have identified other services which our clients regularly require which we consider are compatible with the services of a Chartered Accountant. However, we have recognised our own limitations and legal restriction as Chartered Accountants and are able to refer you to a range of other professionals as required.

Our Networks

Charts Partners is affiliated worldwide with JHI, an association of independent accountancy firms and business advisors, and nationally with Australasian Solutions Group, including firms in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

This network together with Chart's philosophy ensures that a commitment to client services, a worldwide network of contacts to service your needs, and a team of dynamic professionals join forces to put our firm to work for you.

 If you are interested in exploring the benefits of working with Charts Partners contact us today on 07 3229 7388.