The success of our clients comes when we bring our team and its expertise together to build innovative strategies that deliver the outcomes they want. Here are some examples of our successes.

1. Large Tax Audit

A new client referred to us was in the hospitality and property industries and had a tax audit based on the employee/contractor status of contacts engaged. The potential tax liability was over $3m. We examined the situation in detail, provided counter arguments to the ATO which reduced the potential tax and negotiated a settlement.  The settlement with the ATO was at a level acceptable to the client and the penalties involved were reduced to Nil.

2. Business Growth

Our client was running a small retail outlet turning over $1.5m and wanted to expand. We reviewed the market and advised the client to go to the wholesale segment.  The retail outlet was sold and the client went into the wholesale area. The business in a few short years was turning over $10m with a higher profit margin.

3. Business Systems and Process

Our client ran a successful business but required an analysis and redesign of its structure and operational systems to enable it to grow to the next level. We worked with the client to redesign its organizational structure, systems and procedures. The business, in a relatively short period, had surpassed its projections and was well placed for further growth.

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